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Igniting the Future of Education

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Future Ready Teens

Forge is the most innovative learning institute in the Pacific Northwest. Our learners leave Forge equipped with the Next Gen Capabilites of Problem Solving, Prototyping and Storytelling.  By the time they complete their Forge education they are clear on not just one life path forward, but several.

Forge operates with a studio-centric model and students are free to explore a multitude of subjects and pursuits with the mentorship of our Guides. This exploration allows each student to discover unknown talents and passions.  

The four studios include Art + New Media, Build, Tech and Leadership Futures.  Developing, designing and building a product is center to everything we do.


"We are 100% invested in Forge; we love everything about the program!"

Bradley Family/ 2023

"This is the first educational setting where our middle school aged son has been able to attend school regularly.  He is met where he is on a daily basis, encouraged to be a leader and is provided an array of experiences that encourage him to find new passions.  We are halfway into our second year and would never go back to a traditional educational model."

Baughman/ 2023

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