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Success Stories

Bradley Family

We moved to Oregon in search of more eduational opportunities for our unschooled chidren and we truly hit the jackpot.  Our son never thought he would want to be in a full-time program until he experienced a day at Forge , and now he never wants to leave.  There is no other school that can compare to  the creativity, independence, self reflection, inclusivity and breadth that Forge offers. It's like college for creative kids.  They are given choices in what they learn, the space and support to learn how to work productively and respectfully with their peers and the teachers (called guides) offer the perfect amount of structure to help them succeed at their projects. 
If you're looking for a program that's as exceptional as your child is, you've found it.

Batts Family

Our son has been homeschooled since first grade. As he approached middle school, he craved more - socially and experientially. Public school was not an option and I began searching for an alternative that I felt would be impossible. We found Forge and felt like it was too good to be true. My son attended for a "day in the life" and we knew we had to make his enrollment happen.  Without the variable tuition model, this experience would not be possible. 

Our son is thriving, happy, smart, and totally invested in his Forge experience. He looks forward to school and comes home content and happy! He is learning real life skills, experiencing teamwork and learning to problem solve.

Forge should be used as a model for all school systems! It is truly something unique and incredible and we are so grateful to be a part of it.                                                         

Simon Family

Our son started Forge in the fall of 2023. It has been transformational.  

In the past, even at other ‘alternative’ schools, he was always disengaged, sometimes literally removing himself from class activities to sit in the corner. Now he wants to get to school early and stay late to continue his work. 

At other schools, he had a hard time conforming to their definition of a good student. At Forge, he gets to choose his own projects as a pathway to learn. All of a sudden, math and writing and learning are relevant and motivating. 

Before starting 8th grade at Forge he resisted writing. Now he voluntarily writes stories, adventures and poems. They are wacky and nontraditional, but show his talent. In the past, he refused to draw, convinced he didn’t have any skill. The  Art & Multimedia learning guide has worked magic. He is unleashed. He draws Escher-like 3-D structures, cartoons, and more. 

The Forge teaching team is creative and non-traditional, and hold the kids accountable to learning and effort. They expect rigor and quality based on each kid’s capabilities. 

We feel so thankful to have learned about Forge and that our son chose to attend. He plans to stay through high school. We completely agree and support his choice. 

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