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Success Stories

Bradley Family

We moved to Oregon in search of more eduational opportuniteis ofr our unshcooled chidren and we truly hit the jackpot.  Our son never thought he would want to be in a full-time porgram until he experienced a day at Forge , an now he never wants to leave.  There is no other school that can compare to  the crativity, independence, self reflection, inclusivity and breadth that Forge offers. It's like college for creative kids.  They are given choices in what they learn, the space and support to learn how to work producitvely and respectuflly with their peers and the teachers (called guides) offer the perfect amount of structure to help them succeed at their projects.  If you're looking for a program that's as exceptional as your child is, you've found it.

To be posted shortly....

To be posted shortly....

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